Commits included in testrun 80843:245688022d44

changeset 80842:648ffbc94052
date:2021-04-04 08:28 +0200
files:monetdb5/mal/mal_debugger.c monetdb5/mal/mal_instruction.c monetdb5/mal/mal_instruction.h
message:Remove history because nowadays we don't use cached queries anymore.
changeset 80843:245688022d44
date:2021-04-04 10:57 +0200
user:Pedro Ferreira <>
files:sql/server/rel_exp.c sql/server/rel_exp.h sql/server/rel_optimizer.c sql/server/rel_unnest.c
message:There's no need to have two optimizers to push inner join expressions down, also attempt to push expressions on left and right joins on the possible sides. Removed unused rel_has_cmp_exp function